I have read the specification of OHCI USB only once.
I guess the OHCI specification for firewire and USB has no
concern, even if both basic concept to reduce driver developing
effort for each vender's products are the same.

You can obtain an OHCI chipset specification from


Of cource I refered USB driver code before rewriting the firewire
driver. However, I believe it is difficult to merge USB and fiirewire

Julian Elischer wrote:

> Moved to current:
> Is there any chance that the OHCI code inthe firewire driver and the OHCI
> code in the USB drivers might be rationalised?
> Both seem to talk with the CAM system (from quick reading) as well,
> so it might seem that there is some common functionality.
> BTW is the struct ahb_softc{} seems to suggest it's from the ahb driver....

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