>> > PS. I just removed and checkout sys/isa.
>> hope you did a "make clean" too...
>I tried this too - nothing changed. :(
>Where is my netscroll genius... I want it back

What was the message?  Is that the following?
        panic: nexus_setup_intr: NULL irq resource!
Or, something else?

Can you provide the last few boot messages before the panic?

Would you please apply the attached patch in addition to my last one,
in order to get some more information on your system and ACPI BIOS.
I am afraid this patch still won't make your mouse available, but
it may stop your system from panicing and let you go through the boot
process.  When the system comes completely up, please send me
entire dmesg output and /boot/device.hints.

It now appears we have several classes of symptoms regarding the PS/2
mouse and ACPI. Each may need different trick to fix...


--- psm.c-save  Wed Sep  5 18:54:27 2001
+++ psm.c       Wed Sep  5 19:07:09 2001
@@ -2818,8 +2818,14 @@
        bus_set_resource(psm, SYS_RES_IRQ, 1, irq, 1);
        bus_delete_resource(me, SYS_RES_IRQ, 0);
+       printf("adding...");
+       BUS_PRINT_CHILD(device_get_parent(psm), psm);
+       return 0;
+#if 0
        /* ...then probe and attach it */
        return device_probe_and_attach(psm);
 static int
@@ -2830,6 +2836,9 @@
        if (ISA_PNP_PROBE(device_get_parent(dev), dev, psmcpnp_ids))
                return ENXIO;
+       printf("probing...");
+       BUS_PRINT_CHILD(device_get_parent(dev), dev);
         * If we find an atkbdc device on the same bus,
         * create our copy there.
@@ -2838,6 +2847,9 @@
        if (atkbdc && (device_get_state(atkbdc) == DS_ATTACHED))
                create_a_copy(atkbdc, dev);
+       printf("quiting...");
+       BUS_PRINT_CHILD(device_get_parent(dev), dev);
        /* keep quiet */

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