Thank you. I got the files.

Then, would you remove my previous small patch from psm.c, and put the
following line in /boot/device.hints instead and reboot?


Or, you may type

set debug.acpi.disable="sysresource"

at the loader prompt before "boot -v".


>You missunderstand or maybe i wrote something wrong. Now i've got a
>bootable kernel with no panic and NO psm0 messages at all. So i had to
>boot -v to produse some. Now i applied your patches and next mail would
>be with boot -v messages
>> process.  When the system comes completely up, please send me
>> entire dmesg output and /boot/device.hints.
>> It now appears we have several classes of symptoms regarding the PS/2
>> mouse and ACPI. Each may need different trick to fix...
>I think that it is ASUS A7V-133 feature.

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