As I wrote in another mail to Harti Brandt and cc'ed to you, it now
appears that ACPI on your motherboard declares IRQ 12 BOTH in the PS/2
mouse resource descriptors and in the system reserved resource

The system reserved resources are sucked by the sysresource driver in
the acpi module. If the psm driver can get at IRQ 12 BEFORE the
sysresource driver, or the sysresource driver is made to be probed
AFTER all other acpi device nodes are probed, all should be fine...

As some other people are not having this problem, this may be
called a quirk or anomaly, to say the least.


>> Then, would you remove my previous small patch from psm.c, and put the
>> following line in /boot/device.hints instead and reboot?
>> debug.acpi.disable="sysresource"
>> Or, you may type
>> set debug.acpi.disable="sysresource"
>> at the loader prompt before "boot -v".
>Wow, my NetScroll is back in bussiness!!! ;-)))
>So is it buggy BIOS, chipset, ASUS or PS/2 mouse?

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