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> What is the right mailing list to plead for more anoncvs mirrors?

I doubt that "pleading" would help, but "volunteering" might. :-)

I have (had?) been maintaining, but I don't have
time for any others.  In fact I don't really have time even for that
one any more.

I think the best way for us to get more anonymous CVS sites would be
to encourage volunteers to set them up, just like our other mirror
sites.  And a good way to encourage that would be for you or
somebody else to create an "anoncvs-kit" port analogous to the
cvsup-mirror port, which would make it easy to set up an anonymous
CVS site.  It's not as trivial to do as you might imagine.  Here are
a few important points:

- You need a pretty powerful machine to handle even, say, 4-6 clients
  at a time.  Anonymous CVS is a hog like you wouldn't believe.
  Don't try to use the machine for anything else if you're using it
  for anonymous CVS.

- You need a way to limit the number of simultaneous clients.  I
  used xinetd on, and it worked well enough.

- You need an MFS filesystem with zillions of inodes, because
  anonymous CVS just hammers the disk with tiny lock files or state
  files.  If they are on a drive that has moving parts, your system
  will tear itself apart.

- You have to set up the pserver stuff correctly so that everybody
  can get read-only access.

- A chroot environment would be a Real Good Idea.

- And of course you have to have cvsup running from a cron job to
  keep the repository up to date.

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