David O'Brien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > - You need a pretty powerful machine to handle even, say, 4-6 clients
> >   at a time.  Anonymous CVS is a hog like you wouldn't believe.
> I have to wonder if there are tricks one can use.

No.  Get a gig of memory, and put ~anoncvs/tmp on a memory disk.
A monster of a fast disk system, RAID with lots of disks, also

> The GCC and OpenBSD people depend on anoncvs as their main repo transport
> mechanism.

(You can't transport a repo with cvs.  OpenBSD infrastructure
currently uses a grown mix of sup, cvsup, cvs, and rsync.)

> I would imagine there are more than 4-6 people using their
> anoncvs services at times.

Speaking for OpenBSD, these are either big machines, or anoncvs is
real slow.  There were times when src or ports tree updates took
all night.

John may have exaggerated a bit, but anoncvs is indeed a hog.
grappa.unix-ag.uni-kl.de is a pentium-100, 64M box.  We used to
experimentally run with MFS, because OpenBSD prior to 2.9 didn't
have reliable soft updates, and the box basically ran from swap.
Nowdays, ~anoncvs/tmp is back on disk.  Single spindle.  The disk
hasn't exploded yet, but with, say, three anoncvs clients in parallel,
it sure is maxed out.

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