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> On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 10:54:20AM -0700, John Polstra wrote:
> > - You need an MFS filesystem with zillions of inodes, because
> >   anonymous CVS just hammers the disk with tiny lock files or state
> >   files.  If they are on a drive that has moving parts, your system
> >   will tear itself apart.
> setting CVSREADONLYFS to 1 will prevent locking.  This also means you don't 
> need to give the anoncvs user write access to the lock directory.  I 
> presume this is where most of the anoncvs hogness lies, so this should make 
> it go quite a bit faster.

Nope. already has/had CVSREADONLYFS set, but
that did not eliminate the need for the MFS.  If I recall correctly,
remote CVS creates a shadow checkout tree of CVS/ directories and
their administrative files for each client.  That's what hammers the
disk on the server.

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