Peter Wemm wrote:

> For what it is worth, I am in agreement with Julian.  The KSE code is at
> an ideal "checkpoint" stage, but we must not rush it and screw things up.
> The main reason that I would like it to be committed soon is that it
> reduces the amount of "moving target" that the KSE part of the work has to
> track. The bulk of the current changes in the current diffs are API related
> and dont really change the core structural things too much.  Trying to keep
> a live branch up to date *and* implement the structural changes is a tall
> order.  We saw what happened to the BSD/OS folks, they spent 2 or 3 days
> a week catching up to the current tip of tree, and only ~2 days on actual
> SMP work.  If we get this checkpoint into the main tree in a timely fashion
> then we get the bulk of the tree-chasing out of the way and can implement
> ${Your_favorite_thread_frontend} at your leisure.  Heck, this stuff is
> generic enough that it is required for any of the thread systems, be it
> full-blown KSE, or the NetBSD style lwp/sa, or linuxthreads style things,
> or whatever.
> If any committers want to get involved, there is a stale p4 quickstart
> guide at:  You can
> check out //depot/projects/kse/sys/... and review to your hearts's content.
> My personal check list before committing it to -current is:
> - an honest shot at getting the Alpha working.  Shouldn't be too hard.
> - finish the userland build stuff.

Peter to do this we need to put the rest of FreeBSD under P4
can you do this?
I'd like to get this done asap so we can start looking at what 
we've broken and start fixing it.

> - carefully reread all of the key diffs for i386/i386/*, kern/*, vm/* etc.

I've spent the last few days going through this... I found only minor nits
and one major screwup.

> - take a look at ports impact and prepare them for the landing.

I'm tempted to try fix those in retrospect..

It's been almost 2 weeks since the KSe kernel struggled to life
and I'd like to concentrate on getting it checked in.
(plus of course moving house, but then you wouldn't want life to be TOO
easy would you?)

> Cheers,
> -Peter
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> "All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5

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