> > >   61342    4476    3480   69298   10eb2 scheme
> > 
> > Is that statically-linked?  I'm curious to know the size of the bootloader
> > forth footprint.  The loader is about 150k, so I'm sure you could probably
> > fit a nice Scheme interpreter in under that size... ??
> Dynamically linked.  Here is the statically linked size:
> $ size scheme
>    text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>  127659   11092    9236  147987   24213 scheme

Hmm, if it's stripped down a bit, it might fit nicely in the loader,
replacing that 40k libficl mess..  ;)

> Here is the /boot/loader size for comparison sake:
> text    data    bss     dec     hex
> 4096    147456  0       151552  25000


> But ultimately someone has to do the actual work for this to
> go beyond mere wishful thinking.  I'd be happy to help out
> (but not take on the whole task) if anyone braves the
> naysayers :-)

I suppose I could volunteer for this.  I've been dissecting the loader for
months now and hitting the 4th "fence" has been bothersome..  As far as
braving those pesky naysayers, I thought about doing it on my own anyway so
if no one wants the change, I'll just keep it for my own systems.  =)

If nothing else, I'm very curious to see how small I can get a Scheme

--Rick C. Petty,  aka Snoopy                     [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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