On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Jim Bryant wrote:

>I still think that Scheme has far less proficient programmers than LISP.

What?  You think there are far less proficient accountants than there
are mathematicians?  But more people get Accounting degrees daily than
Mathematics degrees, and besides that it's an easier subset of Math.  If
you didn't realize it, Scheme is nothing more than a subset of the
common LISP.  It was created especially for situations like this where
you want LISP's power and flexibility but not that kitchen sink that
comes with most common LISP.

>BTW: In LISP, *EVERYTHING* is data.  LISP was executing data as code and writing 
>self-replicating programs around 1951 or 1952.

The cognitive leap that leads every LISPer to his understanding of AI
programming is a very exciting thing.  I wish I had a picture of my face
the day I figured it out.

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  There might be a
law against it by that time."   -- /usr/games/fortune, 07/30/2001

Brandon D. Valentine <bandix at looksharp.net>

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