On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 12:56:16PM +0100, Tomas Palfi wrote:
> i'm running stable4.3 on Dell poweredge 2500 with PERC 3/Di controller which
> is causing a problem.  the support battery on the controller is being
> discharged on irregular basis and when fully discharged it freezes the
> system.  After rebooting the system the console displays:
> aac0:  ** Battery charge is now OK
> this message is displayed on the console after approx. 2-3 mins of running.
> there is no way the battery would be fully recharged after such a short
> time.  Being it a new system the battery has not been fully charged and
> dischardged to gain full working capacity.  

This is not the fault of the OS or the driver.  The message that you see is
generated by the firmware on the aac controller and simply logged to the
console.  My guess is that the battery is damaged and the controller is
confused as to its state.  Calling Dell Tech Support would be a good option.
As a second option you could update to -current (or wait a week for -stable
to catch up) and get the new-and-improved aac driver which will let you
run the afacli app from Dell.  With that, you may be able to convince the
controller to recondition the battery with some success.


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