If you've been ignoring KSE till now you can do so for a little longer,
but you should  look at:
 A very slightly out-of-date paper describing what KSE will become:
 http://www.freebsd.org/~julian/ has some links of interest too.

All modules must be recompiled.

I'm waiting for it to all trickle back to me via the cvsup chain
at which point I'll be doing more "make world"s and further tests.
(it was tested before commit but you never know what can happen
between the last test and the checkout..)
It's been a hard day getting all the checks done.
I'll try stay awake for a while longer in case things break but
if I can't keep my eyes open much longer, I'll be back online in 7 hours or so..

KSE Milestone 2 definition:
Milestone 2 is the last point in development where all algorythms used in the 
kernel are identical to that used in the non-kse kernel.
i.e. While it looks very different, the fact that there is by defintition 
1 thread per process at all times ensures that this kernel acts the same as
its predecessor. Before we can become multithreaded we have to start
changing the algorythms involved in many parts of the kernel.
By checking in at this point we ensure a minimal diff set to the 
development work but still ensure a reliable checkpoint.

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