On 12-Sep-01 Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> Hello Julian!
> Could you please post the list of all changed and new kernel
> API functions so that -doc guys can keep up with this?
> Like suser_td(9), etc.

suser_td() is going away.  p_ucred in the KSE kernel is still per-process, and
we need to hold the proc lock while we call suser() as a result (and we have to
hold it for the result of the test, so pushing the lock down into suser_td() is
not feasible).  Thus, code that does this:

        error = suser_td(td);
        if (error)
                return (error);

is going to become this:

        struct proc *p = td->td_proc;

        error = suser(p);
        if (error) {
        .... /* do stuff */

I originally asked that the suser_td() changes not be made so that the locking
code doesn't have to go back all of them out again thus increasing the overall
diff size.


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