Ian Dowse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Jos Backus writes:
> >> 
> >> This was fixed some time ago, I thought.  Are you up to date?
> >
> >There was a commit to mdmfs.c in August.
> >This is with yesterday's -current, sorry, should have mentioned that.
> The "mount -t mfs" case doesn't work with mdmfs, because mount(8)
> uses the filesystem name, not the mount_xxx program as argv[0].

This seems to violate POLA.  Would something break if it was changed
to use mount_xxx (unforunately, I'm ~ 200 km away from my -current box
at the moment, so I can't try it myself)?

> I
> had guessed this would be a problem when I read the commit message
> for revision 1.7 of mdmfs.c, but then I forgot to mention it to
> Dima.
> Here is a patch that should help - it makes mdmfs accept "mount_mfs"
> or "mfs" to trigger compatibility mode instead of mount_*.

The problem with this is that in a bikeshed far, far in the past, some
people wanted to me able to call it "mount_md" instead of "mount_mfs".
Of course, we could allow "mfs" and "md", but that seems rather ugly
(what if someone wants "fish"?).  I'd rather see mount(8) use
mount_xxx, although if we think that would break something, your patch
is probably the best solution.

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