I'm wondering how I should handle APM now that ACPI has basically
taken over power management responsibility.

It seems I still need to configure APM so that /dev/apm is there and
battery monitoring utilities like the GNOME battery_applet can work.
I also was able to suspend and resume my machine (DELL Inspiron 7500)
with APM being configured (and ACPI being active by default).  Sound
is dead after a resume, PCMCIA is dead after a couple of resumes, I
have to switch to text mode before suspend or else the LCD will turn
pale, but still, the basic functionality is there.  APM used to lockup
on resume, so this is a definite improvement.

Oh, and I'm wondering why a close of the lid only does a "mild"
suspend where the laptop still hums (disk?  fan?).  I need to do a
"acpiconf -s3" in order to get it to really suspend.  Is this
configurable someplace?


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