In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mitsuru IWASAKI writes:
: Generalized power-management interface API to have compatibility with
: APM and ACPI also is suggested long time ago;

I still have this message in my inbox :-).  I liked the API presented
in it.

: Device node for ACPI is discussed bofore too; having only one /dev/acpi
: or having generalized nodes for each device types such as /dev/battery0
: but we couldn't reach the conclusion, now discussion stops...

I like what we do with the sound system.  There's only /dev/dsp0 for
people that want blast sound.  Under the covers the sound system hooks
up the drivers to that device.  I think that doing /dev/battery would
be a good idea.  Doing device plumbing like this isn't too bad with
newbus.  Just make the battery device attach at either the acpi or apm
devices.  I'm doing something similar right now with a FM USB Radio
driver I'm writing.  I'm bringing Video 4 Linux API into the tree
(assuming I don't get shot first) because there are so many cool
progrms that work with that which don't work with FreeBSD.

: Any suggestions on it?  Once we get the conclusion, we can start developing
: API and convert userland tools.

What other APIs are available?  Do they fit our needs?  What does
Linux or NetBSD do here?  Anything interesting?


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