I tried to install current snapshot as of October 2, 2001 from
current.jp.FreeBSD.org, but it seems to fail at

The function installFilesystems() calls MakeDevChunk() of
lib/libdisk/create_chunk.c, which then calls mknod(2) via
MakeDev(). The error message I see come from MakeDev() which, after
mknod(2) failure, says:
  mknod of /dev/rad0a1b returned failure status!
Typing `mount' from fixit shell, the install kernel of the Octover
2nd's snapshot has devfs enabled.
I could start installation with the snapshot of September 11, with
which devfs seems to be disabled (I do not see "devfs on /dev (devfs,
local)" by typing `mount' on the fixit shell).

Is there any way to install current with recent snapshots' install floppies?

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