Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> As you've already noticed, sysinstall basically tries to create the
> device nodes it needs under the old assumption that /dev will be
> mostly empty.  Now that devfs is the default, phk needs to update
> libdisk so that it doesn't attempt to make the device nodes in this
> way.  Fortunately, the person who wrote libdisk is also the same
> person who made devfs the default, so this ball is very clearly in his
> court. :-)

If someone is going to be in the bowels of that code, I've
noticed that the sysinstall doesn't does the right thing
with the /dev node fixup in the upgrade case on 4.x, if
you run the sysinstall over the network to upgrade from an
NFS mounted CDROM.

This is half the reason ssh doesn't work when you do this
(the other half is /etc/pam.conf not having SSL lines).

For people working on embedded systems that don't have
floppy or CDROM drives, this is the only way to do the
upgrade, short of ripping apart the box and using another
box to do the work.

Booting from the CDROM to do the upgrade doesn't have the

Yeah, I know that this doesn't apply to 5.x, but 4.5 (and
perhaps 4.6, 4.7, ...) is going to be out before 5.x, so
if you happen to be in the area and fixing code, you may
want to keep an eye out for this, too...

-- Terry

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