Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> Mike Smith wrote:
> > This just isn't going to work.  The _CRS data stream stops at byte 0x17,
> > and these extra items are simply mis-aimed.
> >
> > The 0x19 should really be 0x11, and the 0x1c should really be 0x14, ie.
> > this is a BIOS bug, and should be reported to the vendor.  (It should
> > also have failed the Microsoft ACPI validation suite...)
> >
> > The correct action should probably be to silently discard the write
> > operations outside of a defined buffer, and return Zeroes or Ones for a
> > read outside a buffer.
> Do you have a patch to test this approach? While I understand that the best way to
> resolve the problem is to convince vendors to fix their ACPI implementations, but
> obviously this isn't going to happen any time soon, so appropriate workarround is
> really a must.

The problem is still here as of today's kernel. Please do
something about it.


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