Kris Kennaway wrote:
> > What I've always been wondering since Kris first mentioned this
> > technique in the thread's course (building -STABLE in a jail on
> > a -RELEASE host or vice versa, IIUC) was the following:  There's
> > the host's kernel serving a differing world's userland.  We all
> > know what's the usual answer to "I just updated my kernel and
> > now -- insert whatever you please -- stopped working. :)  What
> > did I miss?  Or is it plain luck when things just work and one
> > shouldn't ask why they do? :>
> Things which still rely on libkvm don't work in the jail if it's
> different than the host version.  Under -current there are many more
> things which use sysctls to obtain their data from the kernel, so the
> problem is getting less severe.

You copy the host versions of these programs in, of course.

Why do you think my shell script is 10k instead of 1k?

-- Terry

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