Gerhard Sittig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> What I've always been wondering since Kris first mentioned this
> technique in the thread's course (building -STABLE in a jail on
> a -RELEASE host or vice versa, IIUC) was the following:  There's
> the host's kernel serving a differing world's userland.  We all
> know what's the usual answer to "I just updated my kernel and
> now -- insert whatever you please -- stopped working. :)  What
> did I miss?  Or is it plain luck when things just work and one
> shouldn't ask why they do? :>

The answer is that the tools used to build world *generally* aren't
affected by changes in the kernel.  The stuff that usually breaks when
your kernel is out of synch (ps, top, ipfw...) isn't needed to build
world.  Of course, there are exceptions, like trying to run a 4.x or
5.x world on a pre-sigset_t kernel.

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