According to Vladimir B. Grebenschikov:
> - pccard:
>   Only way to use any pccard device is to insert it before poweron
>   If I try to insert or eject card on the fly system completely freezes.

Have you hardcoded an irq for the pccard controller?  I've found in the past
that it helped on my Z505SX.
>   pccardd starts) but after it device is detected and works without
>   problem. (This problem not related to my Orinco WaveLan card)
>   it work right on 4.3

Have't seen that.
> - reboot or Ctrl-Alt-Del shutdowns OS but after it notebook not
>   reboots it remains completely freezes and not react on power key
>   hold 10sec, so I need plug off AC power and battery to reboot
>   notebook.
>   it work right on 4.3

Happens to me all the time yes. It worked with older current. I don't use ACPI
right now.
> - shutdown -p does not work (I have both acpi and apm enabled) but
>   pressing power key work perfect.
>   shutdown -p work right on 4.3  

Haven't tried.
> - acpi:
>     acpiconf -sX  where X - 3/4/4b/5 turn off system without any
>     shutdown at all

I should try to find some time to test ACPI but haven't right now.
>   on 4.3 <suspend to disk> always work right and <suspend> sometimes
>   broke some timer (CPU load 100% after resume) but works too

With apm and without ACPI, it does work right now with CURRENT.

> pccard_enable="YES"
> pccardd_flags="-i 11"

Please put the irq in loader.conf (forgot the exact name of the variable right
now, it may be in defaults/loader.conf).
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