FYI: Ive posted an article to about compiling
errors for wine. This is caused by an redefinition of "struct thread". This
is the state at present:

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Steven G. Kargl)
Subject: Re: Compile errors with FreeBSD 5.0

In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
        Ove Kaaven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Jan Stocker wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > the current version of FreeBSD (5.0) has a common header which defines
>> > struct thread, so there will be an redefinition and nothing works. I
>> > think you shall rename your stuff from thread.h to something like
>> > to get out of this trouble.
> I'd rather say that the problem is FreeBSD. System headers should not
> pollute the namespace of applicatio. The glibc headers take great care to
> avoid polluting the namespace, but FreeBSD is starting to look like it
> thinks that it can define any common name, and if there's a collision
> because of that carelessness, they tell all the apps to rename their
> symbols, instead of fixing the OS.

Can you elaborate?  The application is pulling in the system
header sys/proc.h where struct thread is defined.  If an
application purposely pulls in a system header file, how can
the system header pollute the namespace of the application
when the applications requests the information in that header?

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