The trouble is that proc.h is not supposed to be exporting anything to
userland..  (with the exception of hacks like 'ps' but they are a 
special category.

It is kernel internal definitions..

Why is wine including it?
If there is something in it that is needed by wine then we need to think
about why it needs a kernel internal definition, and maybe whether
we shouldn't move it somewhere else that IS exported..

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Jan Stocker wrote:

> FYI: Ive posted an article to about compiling
> errors for wine. This is caused by an redefinition of "struct thread". This
> is the state at present:
> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Steven G. Kargl)
> Subject: Re: Compile errors with FreeBSD 5.0
> Newsgroups:
> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
>         Ove Kaaven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> >> Jan Stocker wrote:
> >> > Hi,
> >> > the current version of FreeBSD (5.0) has a common header which defines
> >> > struct thread, so there will be an redefinition and nothing works. I
> >> > think you shall rename your stuff from thread.h to something like
> wine_thre
> >> > to get out of this trouble.
> >
> > I'd rather say that the problem is FreeBSD. System headers should not
> > pollute the namespace of applicatio. The glibc headers take great care to
> > avoid polluting the namespace, but FreeBSD is starting to look like it
> > thinks that it can define any common name, and if there's a collision
> > because of that carelessness, they tell all the apps to rename their
> > symbols, instead of fixing the OS.
> Can you elaborate?  The application is pulling in the system
> header sys/proc.h where struct thread is defined.  If an
> application purposely pulls in a system header file, how can
> the system header pollute the namespace of the application
> when the applications requests the information in that header?
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