On 15-Nov-01 Jim Bryant wrote:
> I am in the process of switching to a USB keyboard with a PS/2 to USB mouse
> port on the KB [freeing IRQ 12].
> The keyboard works, the mouse works.
> My problem here is in getting past the BTX loader WITHOUT the AT keyboard
> attached.  How would I keep BTX from freezing when it 
> can't see the AT keyboard?

Huh?  What actual problem is BTX giving you?  I boot lots of machines headless,
and have used USB keyboards on machines in the past.

> Also, after over a month of not being able to buildworld with SMP-current, I
> managed to build a kernel from the same sources that I 
> built my last SMP kernel with [yesterday's -current], except this time it was
> in uniprocessor configuration, and now I don't get the 
> random panics which were most obvious when attempting to buildworld over the
> past month or so [I have tried new kernels about every 
> week for over a month, all have had the same issues].
> I have read that others seem to be having problems in SMP, and I guess I am
> not alone.  I saved the SMP kernel, so I can still boot 
> into it, but these seem to be random, and I could sit for a minute or for an
> hour before I get to a point where I can even see the 
> panic, but if any tracebacks are needed, I do have the debugger in, assuming
> this problem isn't already known.

What kind of panics?  When you get a panic, please post it to the list along
with a trace and any other useful debug info.  We can't fix bugs we don't know


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