Peter Wemm wrote:
> Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Peter Wemm wrote:
> > > param.c was moved to kern/subr_param.c and is fully dynamic, and already
> > > has these changes.
> >
> > Nice to know that my changes previously posted to -current in
> > the 4.3 timeframe have been incorporated during the rewrite.
> BULLSHIT!  They came from yahoo, pre-4.1

OK, so great minds think alike... they certainly hadn't been
integrated in before the 4.3 release, since I did the original
(of mine) back in early April, and posted it later that month.

I think if you will examine the -current archives, you'll see
my post; specifically:


on April 24th.

> > Thanks!
> No thanks!  I never saw your post, and I resent the accusation!

It was posted to -current (see above).

> > Yeah; I made it last April, and posted it to -current, if you'll
> > recollect.
> Well, I'm sorry, but we beat you.

Good!  It's an idea that was well past due!

In any case, are the other patches going to be committed?

-- Terry

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