> None of those things are realproblems.  I've set up the port to be
> hosted on MASTER_SITE_LOCAL for now, but Lyndon's free to go and host
> it wherever he likes, organise whatever community support he likes (if
> theres nontrivial interest he could surely even get a freebsd.org
> mailing list set up!) and the UUCP community in FreeBSD can decide the
> future direction of that port.

I said I would maintain it if the code remained in the base system.
If UUCP is going to ports, I have a different code base (Rick Adams'
4.4 implementation) that I'm going to use (as I also mentioned to you).

BTW, could someone close out PR gnu/27715? It's not applicable now
that UUCP is unbundled.

Also, have you talked to Greg Shapiro about the disposition of
/bin/rmail? With UUCP gone, rmail should also come out of the base
system. I'm not sure if it should be built as part of the freebsd-uucp
port, or become a port unto itself.


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