I am using -current box as a homedir server for my Solaris clients and
have noticed a wierd problem.
When I login my homedir gets mounted ok but when I type ls -l it just
waits until I ^C it.
If I run snoop on Solaris I see a getattr request being sent and
an answer being received but apparently it gets ignored by Solaris.
This happens on both Sol x86 and Sparc ( both with MU5 installed)

Another problem I see is that rebooting the client causes the server
to ignore request afterwards. I see SYNS sent to the server but no respons
at all... 

One more problem is in nfsd, if I set it to use udp only it starts eating
all cpu cycles it can get,but only the master process. Trussing the proces 
shows no system calls whatsoever being performed.

BTW This is -current built yesterday ( oct 13).

PS Snoop logs or tcpdump logs are avialable for those who know what
to look for...

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