In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Thomas Quinot wrote:
>Le 2001-10-14, Paul van der Zwan écrivait :
>> I am using -current box as a homedir server for my Solaris clients and
>> have noticed a wierd problem.
>Other problems here, with Solaris 2.[68] as clients, and -CURRENT of
>yesterday as server. ls works, but ls -l issues a 'NFS getacl failed'
>message *and* waits for a timeout once for each file in the directory.
>The server is not multi-homed, and a packet capture shows no trace of
>address mismatch problems. One interesting thing is that the client
>first does GETATTR on the file (and apparently gets a reply), and
>then sends some other RPC, to which the server never replies.
>Could this be the getacl request mentioned in the client error message?
>I see no mention of getacl whatsoever in the -CURRENT server code. If
>no such function is implemented, shouldn't we reject the request?
>A packet capture is available at
>Client is, server is The test consists
>in first performing an 'ls' on one file, then an 'ls -l' on the same
>file. Result:
>ls photos-ta; ls -l photos-ta
>NFS getacl failed for server error 5 (RPC: Timed
>-rw-------   1 quinot   astre        474 Oct 18 14:17 photos-ta

I have looked at a trace I made using snoop and it shows an NFS_ACL call which
is not supported by FreeBSD. It should have sent a reply that it does not
know the NFS_ACL protocol but apparently it does not. 
The only return traffic I see is an empty packet with the tcp ACK.
It looks like an implementation error in the -current NFS server.


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