On Sun, 2001/10/14 at 21:38:26 +0100, Ian Dowse wrote:
> >
> >The last one is a know problem. There is a (unfinished) patch available to
> >solve this problem. Thomas Moestl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is still working on
> >some issues of the patch. Please contact him if you like to know more.
> >
> >Here is the URL for the patch:
> >
> >http://home.teleport.ch/freebsd/userland/nfsd-loop.diff
> That patch is a bit out of date, because Peter removed a big chunk
> of kerberos code from nfsd since. I was actually just looking at
> this problem again, so I include an updated version of Thomas's
> patch below.
> This version also removes entries from the children[] array when
> a slave nfsd dies to avoid the possibility of accidentally killing
> unrelated processes.
> The issue that remains open with the patch is that currently if a
> slave nfsd dies, then all nfsds will shut down. This is because
> nfssvc() in the master nfsd returns 0 when the master nfsd receives
> a SIGCHLD. This behaviour is probably reasonable enough, but the
> way it happens is a bit odd.
> Thomas, I'll probably commit this within the next few days if you
> have no objections, and if you don't get there before me.  The
> exiting behaviour can be resolved later if necessary.

Thanks! I've been meaning to update and commit this patch for quite
some time, but was rather focused on sparc64 development recently when
I had time.
I also wanted to resolve this exiting behaviour before, but I agree
that it is probably not a real issue.

        - thomas

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