On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 12:31:45AM -0800, Peter Wemm wrote:
> peter       2001/11/21 00:31:45 PST
>   Modified files:
>     sys/kern             subr_diskmbr.c 
>   Log:
>   Recognize the "fixed" geometry in boot1 so that DD disks are not
>   interpreted as real fdisk tables (and fail).
>   Revision  Changes    Path
>   1.53      +31 -6     src/sys/kern/subr_diskmbr.c

Maybe I'm a bit late with this subject.
I have updated a machine yesterday and get these messages:
da28: invalid primary partition table: Dangerously Dedicated (ignored)

32 times for each disk on booting with most of 30 disks.
Possibly it's triggered by vinums drive scanning.
OK it was unneeded to install bootblocks on dedicated disks other than
the boot device, but it's a lot of noise for that.

What can I do about these messages?

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