As Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> I don't understand the need some people have for using something
> that is labelled as DANGEROUS.

Historically, it hasn't been labelled that, it only later became
common terminology for it -- in the typical half-joking manner.

> No, it won't hurt your cats but you may lose hair from using it, and
> for what benefit? NONE!

See my other reply about fdisk tables: they are a misdesign from the

The single most wanted feature it buys you is the ability to
completely forget the term `geometry' with your disks: the very first
sectors of a disk always have the same BIOS int 0x13 representation,
regardless of what your BIOS/controller thinks the `geometry' might
be.  Thus, those disks are basically portable between controller
BIOSes.  (Modulo those newer broken BIOSes that believe eggs must be
smarter than hens -- see my other article for an opinion.)

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