> All my disks have bootblocks and (spare) boot partitions.  All the
> bootblocks are DD mode.  I don't see any point in using obsolete fdisk
> tables.  (There's IMHO only one purpose obsolete fdisk tables are good
> for, co-operation with other operating systems in the same machine.
> None of my machines uses anything else than FreeBSD.)

There are very good reasons NOT to use DD mode if you use certain types
of Adaptec SCSI controllers - they simply won't boot from DD.

Aside from that, FreeBSD needs to have *one* recommendation for disks,
anything else creates too much confusion. It is certainly my impression
that the recommendation has been NOT using DD for the IA32 architecture
for quite a while now.

(The other day a coworker of mine wanted to use DD for some IBM DTLA
disks, because he'd heard that the disks performed better that way -
something to do with scatter-gather not working right unless you used
DD. I'm highly skeptical about this since I have my own measurements
from IBM DTLA disks partitioned the normal way, ie. NOT DD, and they
show the disks performing extremely well. Anybody else want to comment
on this?)

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