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> The rights are assigned, with the terms being "in consideration for
> examination of the submission" (it's not a contract unless there is
> consideration and exchange).

Don't bet on it !  Law Is .... a mess or a nightmare, variable by
time & location, etc, best avoided :-)


It can depend which legal jurisdicition one is in.  I'm British,
there's a difference I believe between English & Scottish
contract law (Wales & NI using English contract law). One jurisdicition
requires at least a nominal amount of money to exchange for a
contract, whereas the other allows a contract without money involved;
which way round I don't remember.

I've no idea on Germany law (where I am now), & no idea whether
your USA federal law chose to adopt a model from England, Scotland,
Germany or some other imigrants way back, or whether that would be
federal or variable state law.  Not that USA law is of particular
importance anyway, it's merely the address of FSF & a bunch of
programmers, but not the address of many other people & sites.  I
think some jurisdictions also probably won't consider things as a
legal contract unless it bears a stamp affixed (a tax revenue raiser).

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