On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     Well, we have a problem here.  smbfs is allowing VOBJBUF to be set
>     on its vnodes.  This creates a backing VM object that smbfs never
>     uses and makes sendfile() believe that it can do UIO_NOCOPY uio's on 
>     smbfs vnodes.

        Yes, smbfs pretend to support backing VM object (as nwfs do).
However, this support has never been complete but nwfs definitely worked
in this specific situation and I'm unsure when smbfs and, probably nwfs,
wasn't updated for new VM rules to correctly support mmap'ed reads.

        IMO, dropping support for mmap() isn't a good idea because there
is a plenty of programs which didn't work if mmap() calls is not supported
(and most of those programs use mmap() for read operations).

Boris Popov

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