> I upgraded by cvs on saturday night,
> Sunday I didn't use it.
> Monday I tried to boot it. but the loader says:
> ASSERT <mumble>
> and the system reboots
> I'd LOVE to know wha the assert is but really My opical neurons take at
> least 20mSecs to fire and by the time I've found the Asssert line
> I'm already running on afterimage.
> How about adding a sleep after the Assert write  so that it can actually
> be read?

Is it printing "ASSERT <blah>", or "Assertion failed:"?  The string "ASSERT"
doesn't exist anywhere in the loader or libstand.

If you want to add a pause after an assertion failure (not a bad idea
really), do it in src/lib/libstand/assert.c.

> In the meanwhile does anyone know what the problem might be..
> I'm recvsuping (I had to boot off a cdrom) and will recompile the
> bootblocks, but some idea of the problem might be nice..

You *are* aware that you can boot loader.old by hitting a key while the
spinner is paused, before the loader starts, right?

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