> I upgraded by cvs on saturday night,
> Sunday I didn't use it.
> Monday I tried to boot it. but the loader says:
> ASSERT <mumble>
> and the system reboots

had _exactly_ the same poblem :( the string says, something

name not found
ASSERT(FALSE) ficlCompileSoftCore in softcore.c line 291

i had to turn off CPU cache to catch the message and hit "pause"
so i could read it :)

> I'd LOVE to know wha the assert is but really My opical neurons take
> least 20mSecs to fire and by the time I've found the Asssert line
> I'm already running on afterimage.

in my case it was an "awk" problem. at some point perl script was
replaced by awk script. i did not upgrade my awk, so i got bad
file. as far as i can tell several forth modiules get pre-processed by
softcore.awk to produce softcore.c. if you have old "awk" then this will
produce bad softcore.c (mosty because of escaping and removing comments 
from forth code). the result is broken forth code inside softcore.c

i had to use "holy trinity" (kern.flp, mfsfoot.flp and fixit.flp :),
harddisk and re-build/re-install loader. 

> In the meanwhile does anyone know what the problem might be..
> I'm recvsuping (I had to boot off a cdrom) and will recompile the
> bootblocks, but some idea of the problem might be nice..

well, you've got my 2 cents, i had several _very_ unplesant hours before
i recovered my laptop from the upgrade :) but now everything is fine :)


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