I've recently committed a series of changes which affect the way
modules are built.  Since I can't test *every* module, please let me
know immediately if you run into problems with modules refusing to
load due to undefined symbols, or not working "quite right".  I've
tried hard to make sure it's all correct, but bugs and errors are

Some overview of what this achieves:

Previously, there have been two symbol namespaces in the kernel; the
global symbols namespace and the per-source-file namespace.  To build
a module with more than one source file, one typically had to expose
some symbols to the global namespace, risking accidental collisions with
other modules.  The common workaround for this has been to prefix all
exported symbols with a few characters identifying the module, but as
we accumulate more modules, this mechanism is becoming less reliable.

In order to deal with this problem, I have changed the module build
process so that symbols global to the module are converted to local
symbols when the module is linked into the .kld/,ko file.  In order
to allow modules that intentionally export symbols to continue to do
so, a new module makefile variable 'EXPORT_SYMS' has been implemented.

This variable may take three values; "YES" will revert to the
traditional behaviour of exporting all globals.  It should typically
only be used when converting a module from 4.x, or to quickly verify
that a problem is due to a failure to export a symbol.  A list of
symbol names may be given, and these symbols will be exported.  And
thirdly, the name of a file may be given, and this file will be read
for the list of symbols to export.

Note that it is not an error to list a symbol not found in the module
object.  This allows modules to be built with different options without
requiring different export lists.

Looking to the near future, this technique will be extended to the
building of monolithic kernels as well.  The .kld files generated
during a module build can be linked with a monolithic kernel, and thus
much of the duplicate building of kernel source can be eliminated.
Once this conversion is complete, the per-module namespace will behave
consistently within the kernel as well.

Questions and comments welcome.


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