Hidetoshi Shimokawa wrote:
> At Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:35:00 -0800,
> Mike Smith wrote:
> > In order to deal with this problem, I have changed the module build
> > process so that symbols global to the module are converted to local
> > symbols when the module is linked into the .kld/,ko file.  In order
> > to allow modules that intentionally export symbols to continue to do
> > so, a new module makefile variable 'EXPORT_SYMS' has been implemented.
> Hi Mike,
[... pass on this stuff ...]

> Even if this problem is fixed, I suppose another problem there.
> Even if I set EXPORT_SYMS=YES, I cannot resolv module symbols.
> e.g.
> kldload module1
> kldload module2
> module2 cannnot resolv symbols in module1.
> -stable doesn't have this problem.

module2 cannot resolve symbols in module1 unless there is a declared
dependency.  This is intentional, otherwise there is no way to check that
module1 is not unloaded while module2 is using it.  Stable is lacking this

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