At Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:41:11 -0800,
Peter Wemm wrote:
> > e.g.
> > 
> > kldload module1
> > kldload module2
> > 
> > module2 cannnot resolv symbols in module1.
> > 
> > -stable doesn't have this problem.
> module2 cannot resolve symbols in module1 unless there is a declared
> dependency.  This is intentional, otherwise there is no way to check that
> module1 is not unloaded while module2 is using it.  Stable is lacking this
> enforcement.

Thanks for the information.
Could you point me an example code how to declare dependency?

In my environment module1 is firewire bus drivier, module2 is sbp

DRIVER_MODULE(sbp, firewire, sbp_driver, sbp_devclass, 0, 0);

/\ Hidetoshi Shimokawa
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