> Dag-Erling Smorgrav <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > In any case, if I understand what you're trying to do, it can be done
> > by returning PAM_SUCCESS if OPIE authentication succeeded, PAM_IGNORE
> > if it failed but Unix authentication is still allowed, and
> > PAM_AUTH_ERR if OPIE failed and Unix authentication is *not* allowed.
> > In that case, if you mark pam_opie "sufficient", pam_unix will run
> > only if OPIE authentication failed but allowed Unix authentication to
> > proceed.
> Hmm, actually, that won't do.  I need to think this over some more.

The usual route is YES or NO, with IGNORE reserved for modules which
have no authentication (like say, pam_motd, which prints /etc/motd
during the pam_session_open() phase). IGNORE may have other uses,
but I can't remember them offhand.

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