This is not a warning of a pending commit, but a heads-up that 
Milestone3 has been reached for i386, and that most of the technical problems
have been worked out. This means that given a month or so of cleaning 
work by myself and others we WILL be ready to commit milestone 3.
This will allow the userland threading people to start playing with 
actual multithreading applications to help develope the userland parts.

Milestone3 is multi-threading but only on 1 CPU at a time.
Milestone4 is letting them spread across CPUs and is probably a lot 
less work than Milestone3 as much of the work was needed for 3.

I am expecting to demonstrate milestone3 at BSDCON (Actually you
can download the diffs and try it now)
and to have it ready for committing in maybe 3 or 4 weeks.
It is starting to run reliably on Uniprocessor 386 machines but still has
some problems (e.g. gdb cannot properly control processes).
I will need people to help add support for multiple threads to ps, top, etc.
(once we decide what the new interface is).

just a heads-up....


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