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Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Terry et al,

> Let me know the form you want the hierarchy to take, so
> you can stick it into the GTK hierarchy thingy; I'll be
> happy to crank out some quick yacc and lex code to do
> the parsing of the file into that format for you.  A
> structure definition, with links, and how you want it
> linked, would be ideal.  8-).

I've been thinking about it and I'd like to provide two frontends, a GTK one and a 
ncurses one, what do you think?

> Something like:
>       typedef enum _nodekind {
>               NK_VALUE,               /* Path component */
>               NK_KEY,                 /* Key */

> [.....]
>                       struct node *child;
>                       int intval;
>                       char *strval;
>                       struct wcval *wcval;
>               } u;
>       };

It looks fine to me.

Is your idea to manage rc.conf from there or maybe sysctl variables could be added too 
(once a working version of the rc.conf thing is made, of course).


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