> AFAIK, Netinfo on Mac OS X is implemented deep. That is, it overrules 
> standard libc behaviour (like the resolver, fstab and other things), Yes 
> it's userspace jim, but not as we know it :)

This was certainly true on NeXT's - you needed special versions of most
programs (e.g. sendmail, bind, login etc...) that were netinfo aware too.
If its going to be done it needs doing very thoroughly and carefully as
it replaces more of the /etc files with netinfo equivalents. On the other
doesnt YP do somethign similar ? (I've never had to use YP, thought I have
been on the receiving end of some of the consequences).

> But it's definitely beyond my sphere of control.

Possibly not a job for the fainthearted - but its an interesting idea.
I hadnt realised the source to netinfo was now open sourced with Darwin.

-pcf. [suddenly quite entheused about this idea]

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