On Sat, 2002-02-02 at 14:50, Pete French wrote:
> > AFAIK, Netinfo on Mac OS X is implemented deep. That is, it overrules 
> > standard libc behaviour (like the resolver, fstab and other things), Yes 
> > it's userspace jim, but not as we know it :)
> This was certainly true on NeXT's - you needed special versions of most
> programs (e.g. sendmail, bind, login etc...) that were netinfo aware too.
> If its going to be done it needs doing very thoroughly and carefully as
> it replaces more of the /etc files with netinfo equivalents. On the other
> doesnt YP do somethign similar ? (I've never had to use YP, thought I have
> been on the receiving end of some of the consequences).

And I, somehow, had failed to notice that there's no NSS on FreeBSD. 
*smacks self on head*  Not quite so simple after all, I guess....

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