Adam Nealis wrote:
> I can't find the answer to this in a handbook search
> - I can never get the right terms together 8(.

It's not in the handbook.

[ ... ]

> But I read this on google:

[ ... ]

> In the second part of the thread it references a thread
> discussed in December that discusses it. Unfortunately
> the poster failed to mention the title of the thread or
> to post a reference to it. I can't find the thread!

        Subject: 4G phisical memory kernel trap
        Date: Dec 2001
        To: freebsd-hackers

        Subject: Re: kernel panic on boot with 4G RAM
        Date: Jan 2002
        To: freebsd-hackers

        Subject: the sum of n processes's virtual memory more than 4G?
        Date: Aug 2001
        To: freebsd-hackers

        Subject: How to visit physical memory above 4G?
        Date: Aug 2001
        To: freebsd-hackers

        Subject:  panics with 4GB on an IBM xSeries 330
        Date: May 2001
        To: freebsd-hackers

Perhaps you weren't using "4G" as a search term?

-- Terry

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