Doug White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> It's limited to MAXDSIZ (max data size).

Not quite - the size of the data segment is limited to the value of
'limits -d', which starts out at DFLDSIZ and cannot be larger than
MAXDSIZ.  Likewise, the size of the stack is limited to the value of
'limits -s', which cannot be larger that MAXSSIZ.  I don't think
there's a limit on text size (other than "total address space minus
kernel address space"), but a very large text segment will obviously
limit the size of the data and stack segments.

>                                           You can raise this up to 2GB or
> so, but you will eventually hit the KVM boundary.  I don't recall what the
> KVM limit is right now, I thought it was 2GB but I think it was reduced
> recently ...

The kernel address space used to be 256 MB in 3.x, but was bumped to 1
GB before 4.0-RELEASE.  See FAQ list entry 17.15.

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