On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 10:35:41AM -0800, David O'Brien wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 07:29:57PM +0100, Wilko Bulte wrote:
> > - is GCC3 also better on Alpha as far as correctness of the generated
> >   code goes? Or is that what you mean by "bad optimised code" ?
> We shall see.

OK. 8-)

> > - The gcc 2.95 compiler is quite a bit slower (it appears) on Alpha than
> >   on x86. Do you have any idea how gcc3 does in this respect?
> 3.1 will also be slower on the Alpha.  It is really an issue of the code
> generator.  Generating x86 code on an Alpha is faster than generating
> [native] Alpha code.  The Alpha code generator is slow.  It may be that
> all 64 bit or RISC GCC code generation is slow -- we will see soon for
> the sparc64.

Thanks. So it is the code generator itself, I always thought it would be
the optimiser that needs more time to do a decent job on a RISC.

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