David O'Brien wrote:
> 3.1 will also be slower on the Alpha.  It is really an issue of the code
> generator.  Generating x86 code on an Alpha is faster than generating
> [native] Alpha code.  The Alpha code generator is slow.  It may be that
> all 64 bit or RISC GCC code generation is slow -- we will see soon for
> the sparc64.

I don't think this is definative.

I think the problem is that the GCC code for the code
generation on these platforms is not beaten on very
heavily by people who care about it.  We see the same
effect in FreeBSD from time to time, when the Alpha
build is broken for one reason or another by a supposedly
platform independent change which is really an x86-ism.

I suspect code generation for these platforms will be
slow, but that code generation for the 64 bit Intel and
AMD processors will be a lot faster.

The Alpha stuff is also hampered by the instruction
reordering, which is another pass, but that doesn't
fully account for the slowness of the code (IMO).

Probably, it could be made much faster by someone who
cared about it, and who has a profile in hand.

Personally, I was happy with my 1 MHz 6502, so as far
as I see it, everything runs blazingly fast, even though
modern programmers fail on cycle squezing by multiple
orders of magnitude most times.  8-).

-- Terry

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