>> Yesterday I tried to use SWAT for the first time since the PAM configs were 
>> moved from /etc/pam.conf and I'm getting the following error:
>> Feb 6 22:54:05 galaxy swat: PAM _pam_init_handlers: could not open 
>> /etc/pam.conf
>> What do I need to do to fix this?
>Recompile the app. I'm guessing it is linked statically, so is not
>picking up the latest libpam.

I am still getting this error on both -CURRENT machines I use and
these machines *are* fully re-built from source with all applications
re-built from an up-to-date ports tree.

To reproduce:

1) update your world, kernel and /etc to post new pam
2) rm /etc/pam.conf
3) reboot
4) build ports/security/sudo
5) configure sudo if you haven't already (/usr/local/sbin/visudo as root)
6) type "sudo ls" as your authourised sudo user
7) notice the following on your console:

Feb 14 12:05:47 blah sudo: PAM _pam_init_handlers: could not open /etc/pam.conf

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